Thursday, December 1, 2011

All Decorated..

Yesterday we got around to digging out the Christmas decorations and picking out our tree :)  Once we started digging we realized..we had no light..yikes. So we picked up some that are adorable, just like my parents had when we were kids. The big colorful bulbs (I think they are safer than they used to be) ahh we both love them.  Of course Burli has been busy drinking the tree water..silly kitty.  It was dark when we finished setting things up last night so I woke up bright and early this morning, brewed some coffee and started snapping pics of our holiday home:) I hope you enjoy a peak inside..

we found the one!

Burli just wants to help..

or maybe he wants to terrorize :)

tired from all the action he posted up in his cat tower with a view of his new jungle gym

Welcome to the holiday decor tour..

Thanks for taking the holiday tour at the Dickerson's :)
Happy Decorating!
Love, T

ps. you should totally go buy this Christmas CD! It's so lovely..o yeah and if you have Pandora, download the Christmas station!

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