Friday, December 30, 2011


I mentioned gluhwein in my previous post and you may or may not have known what I was talking about. Since New Years Eve is tomorrow I thought this post would be quite appropriate.  It is a delicious Bavarian/Austrian Christmas drink served at Christmas Markets in Bavaria & Austria. My honey is sort of a fanatic about this area of the world and when he visited there years ago he tasted gluhwein and loved it!  He decided to make some for my family Christmas last year to start a new tradition and it was a BIG hit!  So on Christmas Eve this year he made his second batch of tasty gluhwein.  Here is the recipe Johnny uses..
Here he is making it..

time to enjoy..

You should make a batch and taste the goodness!
Earlier this month Johnny an I bought some pre made gluhwein just to try it out and it wasn't half bad, we just warmed it slightly and indulged!

Happy Drinking!
Love, T

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  1. looks absolutely delish! ;D