Friday, December 23, 2011

Under the Tree..

I finally finished wrapping presents! Nothing like waiting until the last second I know :) But hey it's finished now.  Time to enjoy family and friends over the next 2 days. Johnny and I are spending today together and opened one gift each from one another.  It's been such a nice evening, we finished up the shopping, wrapping, baking and managed to squeeze in a quick trip to a local winery to pick up some tasty drinks and handmade cheese for the holidays.  I hope you have had a chance to get all of your running around out of the way! Time to celebrate the spirit of Christmas!  I will leave you with a final look under the tree..

There is always a nosey kitty under the tree :)

Johnny got me yellow rain boots!!

and I got him vintage records :)

Christmas is off to a good start so far!  Be careful wherever you may be :)
Merry Christmas!
Love, T

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