Sunday, December 11, 2011

Game Night

One of my very best friends came to visit this weekend, Ashley! She hasn't gotten a chance to see our new place because she lives about 3 1/2 hrs away. We had to plan this weekend weeks ago to coordinate a weekend that we both had off. I had such a good time chit chatting and catching up with her! We went to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant to start our day off and finished it up with UK basketball and board games. O yeah Tara came up to! Unfortunately our Wildcats lost by 1 point at the last second but we recovered by playing Blurt, Old Maid & Scrabble;) Johnny joined us for the games! He was a little slow to recover from the loss but he finally came around. I wish I could see Ash more often but I guess that's what happens when we grow up:( I hope you still have best buddies that no matter how long it's been you can pick right up where you left off without missing a beat!

Happy Chatting!
Love, T

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