Monday, November 14, 2011

Tara is 24!

Saturday was my sweet seester's birthday! She is the ripe ol age of 24. Tara came up to Evansville to start the celebration on Friday.  We started by grabbing drinks and dinner at Bar Louie.  It was my first time there and I really enjoyed the atmosphere there.  A couple people at work recommended it and they were right!

We finished the night up at Fox and Hound for margaritas and $5 LITs! It was nice to get out and celebrate with some of my favorite people :)

 It's really hard for me to wait to give Tara presents, so usually I don't,  I just stream her presents out one at a time until they are all gone. In this case I found this adorable handmade ring at a little shop in Newburg that screamed Tara:) 

 This is how I said..Good morning seester..Happy Birthday!! By hurling her gift unto her bright and early :)

 I made her a scarf :)
On Saturday Tara journeyed back to Madisonville to hang out with friends to celebrate her birthday.  Yesterday we all met back up at Mom and Dad's house for a birthday dinner, cake and presents
 I brought her banner to Mom and Dad's :)

Happy Birthday Tara!
Love, T

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