Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blog Sponsor Love

There are 2 blogsI like so much I am a sponsor for them :) It's a great opportunity to get a blog, shop or page discovered by other lovely people who have similar tastes and interests.  I chose to sponsor these 2 in particular because they are so different yet so my taste!
The first one is a blog by an amazing creative soul Laura..
Violet Bella Blog Click on the link for great reads that tug your emotions and make you smile.
The second one is a blog by 2 vintage lovin' girls! I pretty much gawk at how stinking cute their posts/pictures always are Oh So Lovely Vintage Blog
Thy just did a post featuring all of their sponsors including me! Go take a peek here!

Happy Reading!
Love, T

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  1. These blogs sound great, about to go check them out :)

    xo erica