Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooky Sunday

Unfortunately I had to work on Halloween so we celebrated Halloween on Sunday.  Alex, Nathan and I threw a mini Halloween bash. Tara, The Grimm's (Alex's parents) and my parents came up to join in the festivities.  Once again Johnny had to stay home and write a paper :( Although he did get to celebrate a little on Saturday by wearing masks around a campfire....

A little creepy I will admit :) but it was pretty entertaining to say the least, plus look at our fire, it looked like an apple.
Back to our spooky Sunday..We made all types of goodies to eat and drink and finished the night off with Paranormal Activity 3..SPOOKY!  Tara dressed up as a hipster, Alex was a fire bird and I was Cleopatra!  Halloween just isn't complete without a costume :)
I made these amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with cream cheese icing, find the recipe here.  I just added 2 chocolate chips for the ghosty eyes

Nathan made these super easy ghosty treats..just dip nutter butter cookies in melted white chocolate and top with m & ms for the face

tara was playing the part..over it!

Well that is all for my Halloween festivities for the year :)
Happy November!
Love, T

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