Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quick and Easy Project

Normally I would have step by step pictures on a DIY but in this instance it's just so easy there is no need for step by step.  All you need is a dress you no longer wear, scissors, and a sewing machine.  Turn a dress into 2 slouchy shirts!

The shirt Tara is wearing is made from the bottom of the dress.  All I did was cut a crescent moon shape off the bottom of the dress and sew about 8 in straight lines under where her arms go to make arm holes and finish the edges off!  My shirt was simply the remains of the top of the dress!  I trimmed the ribbon to desired length and there you have it 2 shirts from 1 old dress!  Only took about 30 min total!
I encourage you to browse through your closet and find a dress you don't wear anymore with cute fabric and transform it into 2 new pieces for your closet! Don't have a dress you want to cut up?  Visit a thrift store and look for one!
Happy Sewing!
Love, T

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