Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Job, New Journey

Hello my dear friends! As you may already know I started my new job at St.Marys Tuesday.  Well, I think I love it already :) I haven't even set foot in the NICU yet.  This just tells you how wonderful this organization really is.  The little extra things they do to make not only their patients have a better day but their employees too! From therapy pets and musicians to a weekly farmers market on site! I sat through two days of orientation but it was unlike any other orientation I have ever experienced.  They focused on teaching us their mission and their culture.  When you walk through the halls it really doesn't feel like a hospital.  Tomorrow is my first day on the NICU and I can not wait :) I've already found myself smiling just because I'm happy to be part of an organization that is proud of their NICU!  O yeah and when you have a baby they throw the baby a birthday party with a little cake and invites for family..ahh so stinking sweet :) Today I spent watching videos and taking competency quizzes but during my lunch and on my morning break I truly enjoyed myself!
On my morning break I visited the farmers market and bought some fresh local apples :)  I have big plans for them!
 I had a small lunch today of hummus and pretzels.  I carried it up to the sun deck and enjoyed the fresh air :)

 For work it sure was a pleasant day :)
Happy Day!
Love, T

Came home to Burli making himself comfy...

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