Friday, September 16, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Good Morning!! I have been neglecting my blog this week but I am here to update you :) My first week of working on the floor in the NICU went really well!  It really made me miss my old NICU crew but made me smile when I started thinking about all of our nights together, if any of you are reading this I MISS YOU! Although those days have come and gone I am excited for the future!  While busy with work and crafting I squeezed in a weekend trip to Lexington to stay with my good friend Ashley!  Very relaxing weekend with shopping, talking, dancing and just good ol girl fun :) My sister (Tara) and one of my other close friends Kristin went with me too, which made the weekend even better.  I really cherish these trips, no we don't talk everyday, maybe not even every week but when we get together we don't miss a beat!  I hope you have some buddies like this because they are the best.  Ashley is always the best host.  She made us brownies and had a tentative agenda for us to show us a good time. I snapped a few pictures through the weekend. 
Kentucky played a football game on Saturday so we all sported UK gear to support to cats! Of course I have on my Sookie Says UK shirt! Actually funny story, I originally bought it for Ashley but I loved it so much I kept it haha. I just broke it to her this weekend too :) Sorry Ash!

We had a delicious appetizer style lunch on the patio :) Such a pretty day!

After we got home from shopping Tara and Kristin decided to dye their hair dark for fall! I love how random it was.  Both turned out quite purty! I had to resist myself.  who knows I may still do it!

Yeah we were the spectators.

We ended the day with karaoke, cheesy dancing and lots of laughs :)
Happy weekend!
Love, T

PS If you haven't tried the fruit and maple oatmeal from McDonald's, you should! Kristin introduced me to it and I'm addicted!

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  1. love it!!! i hope ashley wasnt too disappointed:) theres always this year! haha looks like yall had a blast:)