Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playing Project Runway Today

Today is one of my days off for the week and all I had planned was to run, craft and read, three of my favorite things :) I haven't gotten any reading in just yet but I did get my morning run in and I've been crafting off and on all day!  For a couple of hours I played project runway in my sewing room.  I came up with a challenge, picked my fabric, no patterns aloud and started creating. 
My challenge: make myself something I can wear that I've never made before. So I made a lightweight cropped jacket! Here is the finished product.

It's not perfect but I sure do like it. I really do need to start using a pattern but it's just so stinking fun to see if my vision turns into reality.  Today it did. 
Happy Creating!
Love, T


  1. I crochet and i never read a pattern, infact i don't know how but i dont mind because i too love seeing if my vision turns out :)
    I love your light weight jacket too!!

  2. I love that it is 100% my design :)