Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tara Tuesday: Hair DIY: Vintage Inspired Hair…

Hello again!! Today I am going to show you all how to create an adorable, vintage-inspired hair style. Not only is this hair-do pretty easy, but it is also a great way to use that awful “leftover hair”… You know? That hair you wake up with after sleeping on curls or waves. Haha. Anyway, this is one of my favorite looks for spring!! So, here we go…

As I said before, your hair should have some texture before you begin…

Next, you will need to separate the hair into sections. Five is ideal, but do whatever works best for your hair! Then you will make mini-ponytails out each section…

One by one, begin twisting buns out of each ponytail. Also, depending on your hair type, be sure to have plenty of bobby pins handy…

Continue doing that with each of the sections until you have no more twisting left :) Now you have yourself a cute and fun hair style that is perfect for just about everything!!

Oh, and thanks bunches to my sweet model, Tia!!

See you guys later!


  1. I really love your hair! It looks gorgeous! Following you :)


  2. this looks great! unfortunately I feel so untalented doing something nice with my hair -.-

  3. What an adorable hair tutorial. I see people do hairstyles like this all the time and think, how do they do it!? Now I know and I think I'll give it a try