Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hot Yoga

If you look back at my New Years resolution post you will find something like...learn to enjoy yoga. I think I may be well on my way in accomplishing that goal and holding up to my plans for the new year! I went to Hot Yoga for the first time this week with two girls from work, Alicia & Whitney. Alicia had been before and invited Whitney and I along. Boy am I glad she did!! I loved it!!! Yes I said the word love in reference to a yoga class;). I think the reason I liked it so much was because I felt like I burned a tone of calories by doing simple moves. The heat took a little bit to get used to (90-105 degrees) but once I did the sweat didn't really bother me. I pictured all my toxins seeping out of my body;). Dorky? Well maybe. Regardless I felt great once I got home and took a shower and slept like a rock! So yes I found a yoga I like and yes I recommend hot yoga to you! I was still smiling when it was all over and than I contemplated if I should go back..well heck yeah I'm going back!!
Happy sweating!
Love, T


  1. Fun!

    I havent tried hot yoga yet, there is a studio near my new house though! :)

  2. T! I love Hot Yoga too!!!!! Isn't it the best! It's a much harder workout than i expected. And like you - I like sweating all those toxins out ;)