Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games Night

Have you read the Hunger Games series?  I read the first book months ago and was super excited to watch the movie last night!  It was so good:)  The main character was dead on what I thought she should look and act like!  If you like to read you should check this series out.  After the movie Tara and I HAD to buy the second book so we can be ready for the next movie.  So my plans for tomorrow is to sit on my little balcony and read as much of it as I can!   I really enjoy books that are made in to movies, it is simply double the fun.  Have you read any good books lately??  Please share!

Happy Hunger Games!
Love, T


  1. The movie was a-mazing! I almost want to pay another arm and a leg to see it again in theaters! :)

  2. I read all 3 books a few months ago and I just love them! The 2nd book is really good, you'll enjoy it! And I agree, Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect person to play Katniss in the hunger games. I couldn't imagine anyone else!