Friday, April 22, 2011

Sweet Lovies from even Sweeter Girlies

I have recieved so many lovely things from my wonderful friends lately.  Sharing interested with people and being able to thrive and bounce ideas off of each other is so fun for me:)  I have some really talented and knowledgeable friends!
My friend Kelly has recently became a Team Beachbody Coach (how awesome). Beachbody is where p90x and insanity reign from, which are both great workouts!!If you know me you know I love anything dealing with fitness or nutrition and she is super knowledgeable about both. Check out her page! She has recently introduced me to super healthy smoothies shakeology and powdered peanut butter that is only 45 calories per 2 Tbsp (compared to 190cal in regular pb).

The first flavor shakeology I tried was greenberry, I had it for breakfast and I was full all morning :) I just added 1 cup ice, 8 oz skim milk, 1 pack of light and fit vanilla yogurt and 1 shakeology sample.

Super healthy and super tasty!

She even gave me this nifty cup! Another thing I would like to rave about is my ninja mixer!! Wonderful product and would suggest it to anyone!

After my long run tomorrow I plan on treating myself to Chocolate cake batter shakeology, courtesy of miss Kelly once again :)

So when I got home from work today I had a lovely little package waiting on me from my new friend Caiti Schuler!  I had the pleasure of meeting her just a few months ago but we hit it off from the start! She is super creative and has one of those personalities that you just can't not like!!  She is in the process of starting her own etsy shop which makes me really really happy because I know how exciting it is to do so!  Find her on facebook: Sparrows in the Closet!  O yeah and she's an amazing photographer, go ahead look at her page you won't be able to stop! Inside the package was vintage fabric and buttons straight from her parent's cellar! Check out the sweet stuff!

Thank you Caiti!!
Thank you Kelly!
If you have knowledge, share it, if you have the goods, share those too:))  You might just make someones day!
Happy weekend!
Love, T

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