Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sewing Space

I finally have a sewing space! Living in an apartment can be a little difficult sometimes with the lack of space.  Johnny and I decided that there was enough room to make me a small sewing area.  Before this sweet little space I had my crafts strung everywhere and it was driving me crazy! So now I have a place to keep my stuff.  Maybe one day I will have a sewing room, BIG SMILE!!! Until than I have this...

While I'm on the subject of crafting let me show you my newest creation! Spring blossom headbands!!

Happy Crafting!
Love, T


  1. amazing what can be done in a small space! my current sewing desk is no bigger than yours and it sits next to my front door b/c its the only space for it! cant wait to get my new sewing room!!!

  2. That good to know Laura :) your stuff is so amazing and I pictured you creating in a huge sewing room!