Sunday, April 3, 2011

So I turned 27..

Well my birthday has come and gone once again, I am now 27.  I don't really "feel" 27 but than again I never "feel" as old as I am.  It's a strange thing getting older, I look around at all my buddies and they have families , careers..and I think wow WE are the adults now.  I wonder if my parents felt like this at my age?  Well at my age they had 2 year old twins running around so they probably felt like they were in a flipping twilight zone!  O yeah in case you don't know I am a twin:)  I have a twin brother, Nathan! Our interested couldn't be more different yet there are certain things we do, say, like that are dead on identical.  Speaking of identical...people, on more than one occasion, have asked me if we we are identical.  I actually love this question because it challenges me not to burst out laughing when I calmly respond, "no, he's a boy and I'm a girl." Seriously it happens more than you would think!  Another question I love is, well how old is he??  Really? But any who. Being a twin is pretty neat, I always have someone to celebrate my bday with :)  Happy Birthday Nathan!

tara was the baker:)

Alex was the Cook!

My Birthday was on Thursday, which Johnny and I both had to work but he started my day off just right by leaving this sweet note on the table:) note the zippo holding it down, so johnny!

how amazing is this card?? my grandma knows me pretty well!

Happy Birthday, to me :)
Love, T

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