Sunday, April 3, 2011

March of Dimes Yard Sale

I've been actively involved with the March of Dimes since 2007.  March of Dimes is a wonderful organization that helps families who have premature babies.  They also provide funding for research to help the quality of life of the premature infants and their families.  It's a wonderful organization that I am very passionate about.  I worked in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 3 1/2 years and have witnessed first hand the emotions, struggles and amazing strengths of premature babies and their parents.  For a small community Madisonville, KY has an amazing NICU and a great support for March of Dimes.  The big fund raiser is the March of Dimes walk, teams raise money all year long to donate on the day of the walk.  The amazing thing about the walk is all of the money stays right in the region it is raised in! The team I am a part of is made up of our very own NICU grads and their parents along with the NICU nurses, so we are called The Mighty Tykes :) Our most recent "mini" fundraiser for our team "The Mighty Tykes" was a yard sale.  We had a wonderful turnout and raised close to $500!! I want to thank everyone who came out!  The next thing we have coming up is a bake sale Friday April 8th at RMC from 10-12!  Every penny helps! Visit the March of Dimes website for more info!

Thanks for dropping by Tara!! Glad you got some books for your classroom collection!

The walk is May 14th at the Wellness park by Trover Clinic in Madisonville, KY!
Happy Donating!
Love, T

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