Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sister Adventure

Since I've started working in surgery about 7 months ago I haven't had a weekday off until this past Thursday.  So I decided to journey to Murray to spend the day with my seester Tara.  Anytime we have an entire day devoted just to US we call it a sister adventure.  Our most recent sister adventure consisted of coffee drinks, thrifting, sushi, and a photo shoot.  These are some of our favorite things so needless to say the day was wonderful :) The weather was beautiful and the day was wide open with no schedule.  While thrifting I found all types of goodies!  Most of the things I bought will help me create all types of crafty goodies! I got vintage buttons, lace, embroidery hoops, sweet stationary and more! I love my sister and I loved this day :)

I love how cozy Tara's little apartment is.  It's kind of trip to go there because Johnny lived in these same apartments for a couple of years, it looked very different..haha.

Spring is here:)

A cup of T Wall Art!

Ready to head out!

A few wonderful finds from the day!
Sushi at Jasmine's to finish the day :)

If you have a brother or sister that you haven't just spent the day with I encourage you to try to make time for each other.  Hanging out with my siblings are some of my very favorite memories :)
Such a Happy Day!
Love, T

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