Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sweet Saturday

I'm really starting to grow fond of my Saturday's with Johnny :)  We work all week and this is our one day we have to just hang out together and see what we can get in to.  Yesterday started with banana nut muffins and freshly brewed coffee..yum.  We decided to invest in a new coffee maker with the grinder built in and we are SOO happy we did!  I can actually taste the difference, I was hesitant at first but now I'm a believer. 
such a great way to start the day :)

excited for the day to come!!

Every Saturday starts out with us throwing around ideas of how we each would like to spend the day and yesterday we decided to journey down to the Jefferson Davis Monument right outside Hopkinsville, KY.  Sound boring? Well..I had the same thought initially but Johnny is a history buff and there is a Starbucks close by so we headed out.  First stop, Starbucks! I got the new coconut mocha frappuccino and it was super tasty.  You should try it!  Than we headed towards our destination.  I snapped a few pics of our little journey.  A few quick facts..The monument is the 4th tallest monument in the country and it is made from limestone mined from the site it is built on which makes it the only one of it's kind in the world!  I was impressed.

About to head to the top!

Pretty sweet view from 300 feet up..

We timed it perfect because we were the only ones on the tour

Check out the website for more info:
There is always a journey to be had somewhere near, yes even in Kentucky :)

Once we finished up at the monument we headed over to a little Amish greenhouse to pick up some flowers and tomato plants!  We also picked up some peaches, green peppers and homemade strawberry jam and apple butter!  I love supporting places like this, made right here in Kentucky :)

Hopefully these tomatoes will flourish and I will be able to show you the produce :) fingers crossed!  My plan is to get enough to can some goodies this summer!!

Our day ended with planting, relaxing and a bonfire.  Such a sweet Saturday.
Happy weekend!
Love, T

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