Sunday, April 1, 2012

You're Never too Old for a Bday Party:)

Like you saw in my previous post, I turned 28 yesterday.  O so close to 30!  The important thing is I don't feel like I'm knocking on 30s door!  Age is simply a number.  I celebrated my birthday on my birthday eve since I had to act like a big girl and go to work on my birthday, guess that's what happens when you become an adult.  owell.  It actually worked out just fine because Nathan (my twinny) was in Nashville on our bday and wouldn't have been able to get together anyway. 
Sooo to celebrate we went to dinner, sushi of course, ate yummy Gigi's Cupcakes, opened gifts and went cosmic bowling!  Tara came up to celebrate with us too!

I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I took half of each:)

such a fun night:)

woke up on my birthday to a birthday breakfast courtesy of Johnny

admired all my bday goodies..

and to top my bday off johnny and I went to Starbucks and swang by Target to get me an iPad:))))))

I'm sorta obsessed with it.
Happy Birthday to Me!
Love, T

My mom and I had our own little mini birthday celebration together one day when she came to Evansville this past week that consisted of Starbucks, lunch and produce shopping:)  A sweet little day.  I love you mom and dad and I want to wish you a Happy Birth Day..or happy 28th anniversary of being parents!!

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