Monday, April 23, 2012

The Ever Meandering Burli...

What has mister Burlington been up to?  Well other than watching birds and sleeping he went on a mini vacation to Johnny's mom's house last weekend. Johnny had to dog sit while they were out of town and I was headed to Lexington for the weekend so we didn't want Burli to be all by his lonesome, so I packed him in my jeep and took him to Madisonville:)  He is quite to travel kitty, doesn't mind the car at all. 
Off to grandmother's house he goes...
here he is screaming with excitement..haha:))

while he was on vacation he napped..

and napped some more..
Than it was time to go home..

he could hardly wait to watch the birds again..

he watched the birds for hours when he got home...
other than that he has been cat napping here and there like normal:)



Such a sweeppy kitty:)
Happy Kitty:)
Love, T


  1. Tia,
    Mister Burlington is so sweet...My Mister Jackson reminds me of your kitty...such lazy's no wonder they are so beautiful. They truly get their beauty sleep♥

  2. Liebster Blog Award!

  3. Burlington reminds me of my Mr. Cody Cat. Awesome-ness! I'll learn how to post photos soon but he is a 9yo, 18lb grey tabby. And by far the absolute love of my entire life. I'm an RN too, maybe I could learn a little about blogging from you.... Have a wonderful day!