Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seester's Night

Tara and I had a sweet little sister's (or as we say..seester's) night last night.  We went to the mall, ate sushi, ate frozen yogurt and had a fashion show when we got home.  A fashion show is an absolute must when we go shopping together.  Our fashion shows consists of ridiculous dancing, old school rap and all of our new goodies:)  It has been way too long since we have gone shopping together so it was lots of fun.  Plus it was National Siblings Day so we celebrated our sibilingness:)  hehe.  Anywho.  Happy Siblings Day Nathan and Tara!  Love you guys!!

Happy Siblings Day!
Love, T


  1. Aw. I just stumbled across your blog.
    It is the cutest!! :)
    I loved this post about you and your sister!
    I hope you have a wonderful evening.
    much love, colie.

  2. loveeeeeee your blog dear!
    keep posting and go for it!!!