Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mom's Sewing Room

When most people think of living back home with their parents they generally want to cringe.  Since all of our plans Johnny and I had for the next year or so have turned upside down we have found ourselves living with my parents, not for too much longer though :)  It's been 2 weeks and 2 days since we moved in and really it's been pretty pleasant.  One huge perk has been my mom's sewing room :) I've spent a portion of nearly everyday I 've been here working on something!  Some pieces I've finished, some just were not working so their production stopped.  Being in her sewing room makes me realize how nice it is to be able to cut my fabric on a table instead of in my lap.  Also being able to leave my work in progress out and just shut the door rather than have to gather it all up and put it up until the next day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our next place has enough space for me to fully enjoy sewing and crafting!! I took a few pics of her sewing room and I wanted to share them with you!

 This is my temporary work station :) Sun shines in every evening..ahh:)

 Mom and I went to Jo Ann Fabrics on Sunday and they had their Simplicity patterns for only $1!   So i picked out 5 and I have big plans to sew more of my clothes.  My mom is an amazing sewer, I wish she had more pictures of her clothes from when she was younger, I mean they are AMAZING! She told me she may have a few of her old dresses in a closet, so my thoughts..dig them out of course! Be looking for a post in the future!
Happy Creating!
Love, T


  1. im glad there are some perks to being back at home. and remember its only temporary. i so know this feeling. that is how it was at our old house b/c it was soooo small. it is really nice to now have a whole room i can work in and just shut the door! love it! one day, you will have it!

  2. i remember your old sewing space :) thanks for the positive words laura!