Sunday, August 14, 2011

Germanfest 2011

I've been so blessed lately with encouraging words and positive thoughts from so many people since my last post.  Thanks yall.
When we thought we would be in Reno, NV by now Johnny and I were sad we would miss Germanfest this year, little did we know we would end up going after all.  Germanfest is held in Vincennes, IN, which is the town my parents are from.  It is held every August to celebrate their German/ American heritage.  They have live music, German food, beer and more beer!  We went last year for the first time and had a blast so we had high expectations for this year.  Welp it was even more fun this year!  It's really the first thing Johnny and I have done to get our minds off of everything for the weekend.  We took a mini road trip to Jasper, IN to eat at an authentic German restaurant that is amazing!  I really felt like I was in Germany for a moment.  We met some great people this year, old and young, and hope to see them again next year. This is one tradition I plan on continuing for years to come!  Of course I have pictures to share with you :)
 Dad and Tara getting pumped for round 1!  Love the enthusiasm!
 My little German boy..haha. Johnny was pretty much the most popular person there, I mean maybe he stood out just a tad :)
 This is Ralph, who runs the entire festival and he just loved Johnny..can't really imagine why, huh?
 Saturday Night..Round 2!
 This is the kind of picture you end up with when you ask someone to take a picture at the end of the second night at Germanfest...too funny.

Happy Weekend!
Love, T

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  1. looks like a lot of fun! i am from germany and find the concept of a "german fest" quite amusing. since i moved to the states i have always wanted to go to one and have not made it yet (in 5 years). i really need to make it a point to go this year, i'm sure they've got some in georgia some time in fall.