Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabric Wrapped Wreath

On Monday Leah, owner of Sookie Says, and I got together and had a mini photo shoot for both our lines and had a good ole craft day :) The weather was perfect and our creative juices were movin!  Leah has the best area ever to sit and do crafts in which I am completely jealous of.  Her sweet little back porch is vintaged out and pretty dang peaceful.  Leah had posted a DIY  (  on her blog and I just loved it so I did my own variation of her DIY: A fabric wrapped wreath!
 You will need a wreath, pins, fabric of choice and whatever you want to add to your purty wreath!

 Cut long strips of fabric, wrap around wreath and secure with pins!
 Add any extra flare you want and there you have it!  A fabric wrapped wreath!

Happy Crafting!
Love, T

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