Sunday, December 14, 2014

Anniversary Pictures: 4 Years

Ok so this post is slightly late, like 2 months late to be exact, but as I always say...better late than never!! SO anywho..Every year my sister takes anniversary pictures of Johnny and I to capture "us" at that moment in our lives.  On our first anniversary Johnny agreed to participate in a photo shoot each year around our anniversary for as long as we shall live:)  I already enjoy looking back on previous years because it brings back memories of what was going on around the time of the photo shoot!  Plus in 30 years I can't wait to look back and day dream of the old days:)  This year was a pretty special one because we took our pictures around our first house!  I love how she captured us just being us in our new space we call home.  As a picture addict I will look at these hundreds of times and they will never get old to me!  Johnny will probably never truly understand how important these yearly photo shoots are to me but it is the very best present he could get me! Here are some of my favorites..





When I look back on this set of photos there are so many things that have happened this year that will come to mind, happy and sad.  2014 has definitely been a memorable year!  Thanks again Tara for taking our pictures each year! 

Happy (way belated) Anniversary Johnny!
Love, T
Trip down memory lane....
2012: Yeah we missed the 2nd year but I highly doubt I will let it happen again:) But I do have a blog post from our 2nd anniversary celebration here. 
While we are at it.. a few wedding pics  :)

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