Friday, October 19, 2012

2 Year Celebration:)

This past Tuesday, the 16th, I celebrated my second wedding anniversary with my dear Johnny:)  I know everybody says this but I really can't believe it's already been 2 years!  This past year has been totally different from our first year of marriage.  Our first was very eventful for us and this year we have spent getting settled into new jobs and an apartment that we have come to call home.  Johnny is currently in his last year of Grad school so hopefully this time next year we will be house searching, Que the nervous, yet huge smile across my face at that thought.  Who knows what the future holds for us.  One thing I am for sure is that we had a wonderful second year of marriage.  With Johnny in school full time and 2 papers due at the end of the week we kept it pretty low key and it was perfect:)  If you would like to see a few pics from our big day 2 years ago click here

I love when Johnny makes brunch:)

Of course I had to sport my Mrs. shirt! I plan on wearing it every year until it wears out:)

While Johnny was working on school stuff I occupied myself by going to Micheals and buying way too much scrapbook stuff to make a scrapbook for our anniversary pictures!  See our 1 year ones here!
Speaking of which we are getting our 2nd ones made very soon and I will share them with you!

Last year Johnny and I decided we will do an anniversary photo shoot every year so we can capture each other at that moment each year.  I had a simple photo album I planned on adding to each year and now I have a scrapbook to make a page each year..lets take a look inside...

So I'll just create a new page each year:)

We had a yummy dinner out and ended up back home snuggled on the couch to watch our current fav show..The Walking Dead:)  Netflix is the best!

Happy Anniversary Johnny!
Love, T

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  1. happy anniversary - the years do fly by, I can't believe we have already celebrated four years as mr. and mrs.! now I get how people say one day you will wake up and realize it has been 25 years!