Friday, August 30, 2013

St. Louis for the Day

This past Wednesday my Dad, brother (Nathan) and I took a mini road trip over to St. Louis, MO. Going anywhere through the week always feels like the weekend but you keep the perks of less traffic and fewer people at restaurants! Nathan is a big Cardinals fan and we have been trying to plan a trip to see a game all season but it just hadn't worked out until now:). Ideally the rest of our family could have gone too but they simply could not get off:/ So it was just dad and the twins!
We started the day checking out the arch...

Nice view from the top of the stadium!

It was a hot one! So I was shade chasing all day:)

After a couple hours in the sun we were ready for air conditioning, food and cold beer! Nathan recommended this place called Pi, it was sooo good! I highly recommend it myself!

Game time!

I was ready to catch a homer!

Unfortunately the Cards got stomped but the game was still a blast! O yeah and we had awesome seats, front row center field:)

Happy Day!
Love, T

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