Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lovin this Weather

Since the weather started to warm up it has been fabulous here in IN/KY! I've had a week off from work and I've spent lots of my time outside! Running, walks with friends, swimming, laying out and eating outside (which I seriously love to do for some reason). I'm looking forward to all the summer outdoor activities in the near future! Last night Tara, Nathan, Alex and I headed to Lake Barkley for a mini getaway:) We swam, danced, laughed (a lot) had summery drinks and relaxed! Anytime I'm with my siblings I have fun, so it's no surprise to me that I feel reenergized and refreshed after spending time with them. Johnny was gone working for 7 days and 6 nights (not that I was counting or anything) and hanging with such good company helped keep me from missing him so dang much! He got back today so I'm a happy girl:) How are you kicking off your summer?
Here's what we were up to at the lake...

The natural lighting was perfect for my instaxmini!

Tara bought us these adorable cups to drink out of! Yes, I am drinking beer with a straw. I love that they are red and blue because they will be totally awesome on the 4th next month! Thanks again Seester!

After a fun little night I woke up to yet another gorgeous day so I..

Went straight to the dock to soak up the sun, listen to some music and paint my fingernails with the most perfectly named nail polish for today..bikini so teeny!

Finished up my time at the lake with a little run for National Running Day!
I've still got a week of time off so I look forward to enjoying the outdoors!
Happy warm weather!
Love, T

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