Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mini Cheddar Poppers

Need something healthy to take to a luncheon or get together? I've got a super quick and easy snack for you! I found the recipe/idea on Pinterest but I wanted to share it with y'all!

All you need is a bag on mini bell peppers and your choice of cheese, I used Sargenta sharp cheddar cheese sticks. I think pepper jack would be yummy!

I got these adorable peppers at Target but I've seen them at Walmart as well!

Just cut a hole in the side, dig out the seeds, rinse and save your scraps for later:)

Stuff with cheese ( feel free to use shredded cheese if thats what you have) and cook for about 10 min on 400 or until cheese is melted!

In just about 15 min total they are ready to enjoy!
Now chop up your scraps for a salad or omelet the next day!

Happy Cooking!
Love, T

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