Thursday, March 24, 2011

Preparing for the Craft Fair on Saturday!

So this weekend is the big Hanson Craft show.  Downtown historic Hanson, KY all day.  Stop by if you have the day off and want to have a lovely day.  There will be little shops open and all kinds of things to look at including my treasures!  I've been prepping for this for awhile so I'm pretty excited it's finally here!  Here are a couple of pics from this past weekend.  I decided to hand stain some of my embroidery hoops, which turned out really well.  The stain made all the grooves in the wood really stand out, so puurtty.

O yeah Johnny decided he wanted a Mohawk, so Tara gave him one.  I love it!!  I'm trying to convince him to keep it!  

Well I hope to see you this Saturday!  If you can't make it...
Happy Weekend!
Love, T

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