Monday, April 1, 2013

A Very Hoppy Birthday

Yesterday was not only Easter but my 29th birthday, hence the title:) My very last year of my twenties is officially here! The popular question has been, how does it feel to almost be 30?! Well it feels just fine to me! I think age is simply a number, it's all about how you feel!
I got so many great presents this year and had a perfect weekend with my family:) My parents have always made things special on holidays and birthdays and I really appreciate it, even at this age. It really gives me something to look forward to! I hope everyone enjoyed this Easter weekend!

Burli egg!

So instead of a cake my mom took my 2 most favorite desserts ever and put them in one! Brownies and Samoa Girl Scout cookies! Yumm! Nathan is a fan of The Hobbit so he got...

Pretty impressive I must say!

Birthday Twins!

The Easter Bunny visited Johnny and I:)

Matching neon yellow!

I got lots of goodies this year from sewing and beauty stuff to workout gear:) my family sure does know what I like! Thanks everyone for the sweet gifts!

Welcome spring and Happy April!
Love, T

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