Sunday, March 17, 2013

Memphis Weekend

This past weekend three of my favorite friends (Ashley, Holly and Kristin) and I journeyed south to Memphis, TN for a weekend of fun, lots of laughter, mud (more in that later), and much much needed quality time together! I've known these pretty girls for well over half my life and am glad that we are still close! This trip was just downright good for my sole. It's nice to take a break from the everyday stresses and just enjoy a new place with people you love. The main reason we went to Memphis was to run the Dirty Girl Mud Run, which totally deserves its own post so it will be coming right up! Green beer, Beale Street, crazy carriage ride, beautiful weather, and much more made up a pretty great weekend! Here is our trip in pictures....

Another big plus was that it was St. Pattys Weekend! Green everywhere!

Love, T

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