Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's Make a Chalkboard

Chalkboard paint has become pretty popular over the past year. I have been wanting to use mine since I got it at the beginning of the summer and I finally decided to break the seal!  I don't know about you but at my place we have an ever evolving grocery list but I never can find a pen or paper close so I store it in my memory..which retains about 75% of that list, if I'm lucky:)  I decided I needed something to write my grocery list on.  Que the chalkboard paint!  I have a very easy project for you today and all you need is..
old framed picture (I got one from Goodwill fro $2)
chalkboard paint
paint for fame
paint brush
optional: piece of yarn and flat thumb tack
Just paint the glass with chalkboard paint ad paint the frame your color of choice

If you want to always have a piece of chalk available cut a small piece of yarn and tack it to the top of the frame..

Now you can write your grocery list, recipe ideas or just sweet notes to your special someone:)

Happy Creating!
Love, T

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