Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Nurses Week!

Well it is nurses week this week and I wanted to wish all of my fellow nurses a HAPPY NURSES WEEK!  Some of my very best friends are nurses as well as my mom and my mother-in -law so nurses are pretty important to me for lots of different reasons.  I have been a nurse now for 5 1/2 I honestly can't believe I just typed that.  Time really does fly.  Anywho. I started my nursing career in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and absolutely fell in love with the specialty.  I had amazing teachers from day one and I feel they have impacted the nurse I am today immensely.  They taught me the what to dos and more importantly the what NOT to dos and I am thankful for their willingness to teach and their patience.  I'm sure it's hard to teach a brand new nurse.  I was in the NICU for a little over 3 years.  When I moved to Murray, KY the drive became slightly annoying so I decided to branch out and try something closer and a little different..Labor and Delivery.  While these are both baby areas, they are definitely two different worlds as far as nursing goes!  I worked there for about 7 months and when Johnny got a job back in Madisonville, KY I decided to try something COMPLETELY different..Surgery, where I worked for a year.  I enjoyed the OR as well but found myself missing the NICU at times.  After Johnny got laid off and lots of changes happened I ended up back in the NICU where I work today.  I have been back in the NICU for 8 months now and I know in my heart, this is my passion.  Whatever specialty you may be in I am sure you are touching many different lives on a daily basis:)  If you aren't a nurse but know one make sure you wish them a Happy Nurse's Week:)
This is kinda old but this is me with my favorite mom:)
Happy Nurses Week!
Love, T

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