Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vegetable Land

Have you ever heard of community supported agriculture (CSA)?  If you have, awesome..If you have not, a CSA is basically a group of people in a community that contribute to fund a community garden.  In return each share holder receives fresh, locally grown, pesticide free produce weekly from May until frost!  Until a couple of months ago I had no idea there were CSAs in our area.  Johnny and I decided to buy a share and see what a CSA is really all about!  We are members of  Vegetable Land :)  So far we have received four weeks of goodies, the first week we got morel mushrooms, the second week we received tomato plants, pepper plants and basil plants and the past two weeks the produce has started to come in! 
My goal is to post how I use the produce that we receive, clearly I am a bit behind however I did snap a couple pictures of these past weeks!

Here are some pictures of the past few weeks as CSA members..

Plant Week:
I had to plant in my grandparents garden because we are still living in an apartment but hopefully next year I will be putting these guys in my very own garden!

Week 1 of produce:
lettuce, arugula, dandelion greens, garlic chive, and daikon radish
We used everything except the garlic chive, I just never found a use for it:/  The lettuce was used on hamburgers, wraps and in salads.  The rest of the greens were used in salads and juiced.  The daikon radish was juiced. 

Week 2 of produce:
lettuce, spinach, mint, garlic scapes, cherry radishes, and sugar snap peas.
(apparently Burli like sugar snap peas?)
We are still working on this weeks produce but so far we have continued to use the lettuce on wraps.  I added spinach to the large salad I had made up from the end of last weeks greens.  I stir fried last night and used the cherry radishes and a few garlic scapes.  The mint has been used in my tea and water for flavoring.  I plan to make garlic scape pesto this week as well:)

Now that I am up to date with our CSA happenings I hope to keep up in the upcoming weeks:)

Happy planting!
Love, T


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you guys joined a CSA! We absolutely love ours. John told me about his arugula juicing adventures LOL

    1. I am too:) I love getting new things I have never heard of and so far everything has tasted soo good!

      haha..that arugula is pretty stout in juice!!