Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Early Morning with Burli

I rarely get to enjoy the peacefulness of early mornings.  Yes I get off at 7am, but all I want to do is get to sleep ASAP!  On my days off I can wake up around 9am and feel just fine but there is nothing like the light in the early morning around 6-630.  So yesterday I was awakened by my hungry kitty cat at 530 and instead of heading right back to bed I decided to stay up and enjoy the morning!  Johnny is usually awake to take care of poor wasting away Burlington but he was out of town yesterday so Burli hit me up right on schedule:)

I decided to enjoy breakfast outside..
 Can't anyone eat in peace around here??....:)
 Went inside to get him and he decided he was over it..
 After a little annoyance from yours truly he changed his mind..
 Fresh air for kitty..

Happy Kitty!
Love, T

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