Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving this year!  Our Thanksgiving was much smaller this year than in past years but still lots of fun.  This is our first year without my Uncle Mike so his absence was definitely noticed :/  Lots of good memories of him linger in my mind from past Thanksgivings:)  The sky was clear as can be on Friday night so I like to think he was watching us thinking that our bonfire was simply not big enough! haha.
On a more positive note, I got to have all four of my grandparents with me for the first time in years!  We ate too much, played games, watched football and had a bonfire, so it was a pretty nice holiday.  My mom, brother, sis and I did all of our "black Friday" shopping from the comfort of our couches in pjs and coffee in hand..I must say this is the only way to do it!  Hopefully you enjoyed your Turkey Day!

Above are the goodies I made for Turkey Day..brownie pecan pie, dijon mustard brussels sprouts and sweet potato crumble casserole. I took a brownie pecan pie and a pumpkin cheesecake to my Mother in law's Thanksgiving.  We were busy bees in the kitchen on Wednesday night and Thursday morning but it all got made and tasted delicious.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, T

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