Friday, August 10, 2012

Reunited with Running

It seems like forever since I have signed up for a race, frankly it's been too long.  I'm happy to say I have signed up for 2 5ks for the fall and plan on signing of for a half as well!  A couple months ago a group of girls and I decided to sign up for The Color Run so we registered as a group:)  Our group name is The Baby Whispers..we thought it was perfect since we are all NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurses.  I'm really excited about this one simply because it's got the fun factor tied in with the run.  Check out the website here for a city near you!  I also signed up for the Race for the Cure here in Evansville supporting breast cancer research.  This will be my 4th time running this 5k and it remains one of my favorites.  The cause is such a good one you can't help but feel good about supporting it.  Lastly I plan to sign up for The Evansville Half Marathon with a couple girls from work, however I am waiting until the deadline to sign up, just in case my knee starts bothering me too bad.  So far my knee is cooperating:)  Today I had a great run, it was a beautiful breezy day and my short hair is sooo great to run with!  No more sweaty hair wrapping around my shoulders and neck, sorry that was kinda gross but yes it was the unfortunate happenings of a runner with a long pony tail.  So I am happy to say I feel reunited with running.  I was never fully disconnected but I do feel like I was slacking and not spending enough time with my running self.  Are you running any runs in the near future? Tell me about them, I'd love to hear:)
Yes I'm excited about my itty bitty bun..yes that makes me a bit of a dork
At least I'm a happy dork:)

Happy Running!
Love, T

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  1. LOVE this! I recently started running myself and am signed up for the TinkerBell Half Marathon, Princess Half Marathon (runDisney events) and the Hot Chocolate 5k... the Color Runs were sold out in all nearby areas, otherwise I totally would have done that, looks so fun!

    Go you!